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ww_collegeyears's Journal

Sticking To Weight Watchers in College
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ww_collegeyears is an interactive community for college students who are trying to stick to weight watchers. This community will serve as a place where college students can come and share their stuggles and successes while supporting others who are trying to reach their weight goals. This will be a place where we can share our recipes, progress, photos, daily points tallys, etc.

In your first post:
~please introduce yourself to the community.
~include your starting weight, current weight, and your goal weight

Note: This is a community promoting healthy weightloss. It does not promote eating disorders so please do not post about them. Negative/abusive posts or comments will not be tolerated and you should be supportive of other users. If you cannot comply, your post/comment will be deleted and you may be banned from the community.