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Week 2- Day 4

So, i realized that I made a mistake yesterday when calculating my dinner. Peas are not 0 points like I thought. So i have to calculate that in and take out a chicken leg because i never ended up eating it. So, I believe that I only have 24 flex points available for the this week. [not too bad]

Tomorrow night my boyfriend invited me over for dinner and then I am going to my friends house for a Valentine's day party which i feel like I will be consuming all of my flex points in this one night on sweets & alcohol. oh man.

Here is my daily log of food today

Week 2- Day 4- Friday
Breakfast- 7 points
*1/2 of a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese- 5 points (i could be completely wrong with calculating this, but I like to over point things than under point them. Is a whole wheat bagel still 3 points or is it less? HMMM?)
*coffee, milk, sugar- 2 points

Lunch- 5 points
*one egg-2 points
*peas with onion- 2 points
*small piece of bread- 1 point

Snack- 1 point
*1/2 of a cookie- 1 point

Dinner- 5 points
* pasta with broccoli- 5 points

Total: 18 points/22 points
flex used: 0 points =D first time this week
flex available- 24 points

I ended today with less points than I am supposed to consume, but I am not hungry and I do not feel like eating something just so I can make the 22 points. I am so FULL right now mostly because I drank so much water tonight and i feel like tomorrow is going to be so crazy with food, sweets, and alcohol that I need to just relax tonight.

I went out to get a digital scale tonight, since the one I have is a normal scale and it is hard to read exactly how much you weigh. So i get on the scale and I weigh myself 5 times and got different results every time. I mean in a 5 point range, but thats how it is whenever I weigh myself normally. Its really weird how my weight fluctuates like that. I mean, is that even POSSIBLE! Something cant be wrong with the scale cause I just bought it and the box was new. ugh... oh well, i will try it again in the morning.


I think it really depends upon how relaxed you are and your balance when standing on it. I prefer the old scales even though they are harder to read, at least they give you more of an idea of where you are in between rounded numbers, and how your balance is effecting the reading.

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