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Week 2- Day 1,2,3

Week 2- Day 1- Tuesday

Breakfast- 5 points
*english muffin- 2 points
*butter- 1 point
*coffee, milk, sugar- 2 points

Lunch- 9 points
*1 cup of pasta- 4 points
*1/2 of a chicken tender wrap- 5 points

Snack- 2 points
*Fat free cappuccino from Starbucks- 2 points

Dinner- 5 points
* 1/2 of a t-bone steak- 5 points
*broccoli- 0 points =D

Snack- 7 points
*twix candy bar- 7 points (i was craving CHOCOLATE sooo badly)

Total: 28 points/22 points 
flex used 6 points
flex available- 29 points

I felt like I was doing a really good job today towards the begining of the day, but then after I had dinner I just broke down and HAD to have the twix bar that has been sitting on my desk for ONE WEEK!! I wasnt going to eat it, but it was tempting me... so i was like "ill just have one bar and save the other bar for later" but it was soooo good i couldnt stop. Its okay tho, i still have 28 flex points =)

Week 2- Day 2- Wednesday
Breakfast- 5 points
*english muffin- 2 points
*butter- 1 point
*coffee, milk, sugar- 2 points

Lunch- 6 points
*left over steak (the 1/2 that i saved from last night)- 5 points
*broccoli with cheese- 1 point

Dinner- 14 points
*Fried fish fillet- 12 points
*1 cup of potatoes-2 points

Total: 25 points/22 points
flex used: 3 points
flex available: 26 points

Week 2- Day 3- Thursday
Breakfast- 4 points
*1 slice of American Bread- 1 point
*nutella- 1 point
*coffee, milk, sugar- 2 points

Lunch- 8 points
*1/2 of a fried fish fillet- 6 points
* 1 cup of potatoes- 2 points

Snack- 5 points
Dunkin Donuts  vanilla chai latte- 5 points

Dinner-5 points
*1chicken thigh with skin- 4 points
*1 chicken leg without skin- 1 point
*peas- 0 points =D

Total: 22 points/22 points
flex used: 0 points =D
flex available: 26 points

My friend is having a Valentine's Day party this weekend and I am trying to save all my points for alcohol so that I can actually drink without messing up my diet. I am kinda disapointed with a lot of my choices so far this week, but I feel like I am eating better portions of food and I try to eat until I am satisifed and am not over-eating until I am stuffed and cant move. 

Tomorrow is another day =)


January 2011

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